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Conde Monde
October 2008
“Filling the Void" on why the middle class is disappearing because we as a society are not providing them with an environment in which they can exist.
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March/April 2008
“The Young and the Restless: Dissatisfaction Looms Among New Architects” on ways of bridging the disconnect between new graduates and seasoned employers.

Texas Construction, Design Matters Column
September 2006
“Effective Blending of Design Build and Sustainability” on the benefits of combining Design Build project delivery with sustainable design.

Texas Architect
November/December 2005
“Thoughtful Reflection” on The Dominican Priory of St. Albert the Great at the University of Dallas by Craig Reynolds, BRW Architects. 

Texas Architect
May/June 2005
“Natural Seclusion” on Casa Angosta, Cunningham Architect’s home for the Nottestad Family in Dallas, TX.


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